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TWElfth night


by William Shakespeare

Directed by Michael Lluberes


Sonnet Repertory Theatre


Scenic Design by Seth Easter

Lighting Design by Brad Peterson

Costume Design by Ryan Park

Sound Design by Janie Bullard

Original Music by Ben Toth

Cast: Jolly Abraham, Nick Choksi, Phillip Christian, Yaya DaCosta, Lucas Hall, Ian Lowe, Jennifer Lyon, Brynne Morrice, Ted Schneider, Henry Vick, Paul Whitty

Photos by Zach Hyman​

“Director Michael Lluberes restates the play’s other relationships explicitly. …This is a “Twelfth Night” worth seeing, a solid, talent-filled production that reminds us once again how given a very midsummer madness, we are all fools for love.”
-The New York Times

“A show that rivaled many of the Broadway Shakespearean productions in its unity of concept, beautiful music, and excellent direction.”

“A great re-envisioning of this tale. …Oftentimes Shakespeare can be tricky—it takes adeptness with language, talent, and skill. The ensemble of actors in Sonnet Repertory Theatre's Twelfth Night, under the direction of Michael Lluberes, have all of these things and thus make for a very enjoyable night of theatre.”

“Michael Lluberes puts together a solid, well-acted production.”
-Show Business Weekly

“A sight to behold. …clever staging. …The concept which addresses the issue of unrequited love is so clear throughout the work. ...Very inventive. ...There is no doubt that Sonnet Rep does the kind of work that needs to be seen by as many people as possible.”

“A lovely, accessible take on Shakespeare's most perfect comedy by an imaginative young troupe. …Michael Lluberes directs his cast to enjoy the wordplay but act the emotion, trusting Shakespeare and the audience to get the ideas. ...This “Twelfth Night” fills the atmosphere with sound and music. Highly accessible and worth a trip to Hell's Kitchen, it's a great show to bring a date to, as languid and rich as a bottle of red wine.”


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