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“Mesmerizing in its focus. …Suspenseful. …Darkly comic. …Lluberes has done a masterful job with this show. The troupe is topnotch …Amazing scenic design. …We recommend this show highly.” 

 – Flint Stages


“Flint Rep has shown with its inaugural show that it won’t hesitate to enter deep waters and explore serious questions in an emotional manner with new works beautifully staged and presented. …Impressive. …A technical wonder. …Amazing ensemble work. …Physical, emotional and deeply layered.” 

– Encore Michigan


by Alex Moggridge

Directed by Michael Lluberes


Flint Repertory Theatre

(World Premiere)


The boatman of the underworld is having a career crisis. And when he meets a young woman who refuses to be ferried to the land of the dead, the tenuous nature of life and death becomes ever more complicated. Explore the underworld through the eyes of a dysfunctional three-headed dog, a philosophical Time, and a maliciously friendly character called Water.

Scenic Design by Shane Cinal

Lighting Design by Scot Gianelli

Costume Design by Brandon R. McWilliams

Sound Design by Matt Coggins

Cast: Deirdre S. Baker, Bret Beaudry, Jordan Climie, Shelby Lynn Coleman, Connie Cowper, Meagan Kimberly Smith, Rico Bruce Wade

Photos by Mike Naddeo​

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