simon Dawes

becomes a planet


By Alex Moggridge

Directed by Michael Lluberes


Born the size of a pea but blessed with a strange and haunting singing voice, Simon Dawes weaves his way through a world where healthy and beautiful is not enough, encountering an eccentric parade of family, friends, and lovers, discovering fame, obscurity, and maybe just a little bit of happiness along the way.


Blending fable, music hall panto and modern farce, "Simon Dawes" examines the nature of happiness and loss in unexpected ways.


Featuring original music by Jared Dembowski performed on musical saw by renowned musician Natalia Paruz.


Produced by Tony Hagopian,

Time Shared Productions

Set Design by Stephan Moravski

Lighting Design by Scot Gianelli

Costume Design by Ryan Park 

Original Music by Jared M. Dembowski

Saw Player: Natalia Paruz


Cast: J. Anthony Crane, Meagan Kimberly Smith, Marilee Talkington, Chris French, Maya Jackson & Henry Vick 


Photos by Marielle Solan